NeuroBioSense Dataset

Published: 20 December 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/7md7yty9sk.2
Büşra KOCAÇINAR, Fatma Patlar Akbulut, Buket Çalşimşek, Ela Nur Zamur, Pelin İnan


The dataset provided in this study serves as a helpful resource for comprehending emotional reactions within the domain of neuromarketing. Data was acquired from a sample of 58 participants, ranging in age from 18 to 70, through the implementation of a carefully planned experimental design. The participants were shown a collection of 35 branding advertisements classified into three categories: cosmetics and fashion, car and technology, and food and market. The Empatica e4 wearable sensor device was utilized to record several physiological signals, such as photoplethysmography (PPG), electrodermal activity (EDA), and body temperature. Concurrently, the process of capturing facial expressions was conducted using high-definition cameras during periods dedicated to viewing advertisements. The emotional assessments of the participants were evaluated utilizing an emotion appraisal scale, while demographic information was gathered via questionnaires. The utilization of this multifaceted dataset allows scholars to explore the complex realm of consumer decision-making processes, taking into account variables such as age, gender, and varied cultural backgrounds. Through the integration of physiological signals and facial expressions, the dataset offers valuable insights into the underlying neurological mechanisms that drive emotional responses toward branded commercials. This can be utilized by researchers to study emotional patterns, investigate correlations between consumers and advertising, and develop customized neuromarketing methods that are beneficial for individual preferences.



Istanbul Kultur Universitesi


Computer Science, Signal Processing, Image Processing