Published: 31 March 2019| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/7mp25kyb4p.4
Wenyuan Fan


The volume of fluid (VOF) method is a popular approach for multiphase flow modeling. The open-source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, OpenFOAM, has implemented a variety of VOF-based solvers and provides users a wide range of turbulence models. Since flows under the VOF framework belong to the variable-density incompressible flow category, the isothermal VOF-based solvers in OpenFOAM fail to use the correct turbulence models. varRhoTurbVOF is designed to solve this issue and with the hope to replace all the corresponding existing solvers in the future. With the object-oriented paradigm, varRhoTurbVOF guarantees the usability, reusability and maintainability of the codes. Aside from turbulence modeling, all other features in the original solvers are preserved in varRhoTurbVOF.


Steps to reproduce

In order to use the code, one needs to load the environment variable for OpenFOAM v1706 first and then run "./" to compile the code. As for the usage for a specific solver, e.g. varRhoInterFoam, it is almost the same with the corresponding existing solver interFoam. For instance, it could be executed on 1024 processes by simply typing "mpirun -np 1024 varRhoInterFoam -parallel" in the terminal. Since the full-form turbulence models are used in the new solvers, the corresponding discretization schemes should be provided to solve the governing equations numerically. Other than this, the users could reuse all their interFoam input files for varRhoInterFoam. Three examples of the brute-force approach are provided in the "bruteForceExamples" folder for illustration and cross-verification. Several tutorials are provided in the "tutorials" folder, the "Allrun" file is used to run the case with the original solver, and "varRhoAllrun" is used to run the case with the corresponding newly designed solver.


Multiphase Fluid Dynamics