Published: 26 June 2020| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/7mwfftd2x4.4
Rafael Lopez,
Ignacio Ema,
Guillermo Ramirez,
David Zorrilla,
Shridhar Gadre,
Anmol Kumar,
Sachin Yeole


New version of program DAMQT for the analysis of molecular electron density and related properties, with new applications including an entirely new 3D viewer based on new OpenGL (3.3 or higher). The tarball includes a MSwindows installer in the "windows" directory and a manual in PDF format in "doc/manual" directory. A "samples" directory is included with files coming from different suites for molecular calculations that can be directly processed by DAMQT as commented in the manual. Installation on Unix systems can be made through cmake as indicated in the manual.


Steps to reproduce

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