Cycle assessment of performance, specific fuel consumption and pollutant emissions of a four-stroke spark ignition ethanol fuelled engine

Published: 9 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7nr5m97hb3.1
Pedro Gonçalves


This dataset corresponds to the simulation of a cycle of an internal combustion engine of the type PSA TU3JP-KFW with ethanol as fuel generated during the masters' degree and PhD of Pedro Gonçalves, It contains the profiles of pressure, volume, temperature, engine system component mole fractions and mass as well as knock and admission collector mass. The model used is a 0D 2 zone model considering the existence of equilibrium during combustion. Engine parameters are engine rotational speed (RPM) and spark ignition advance (TI) and each file contains the correlation of an engine variable (pressure, volume, ...) with time for an (RPM, TI) pair. The "datasets" file contains values for engine power, torque, specific fuel consumption and fuel conversion yield for ethanol as well for gasoline and it includes a nomenclature. Data issues are related to limitations on the model used, namely there is a singularity at the start of engine combustion stage and the equilibrium model does not hold at the end of expansion and exhaust stage of engine cycle. The issues however do not significantly affect results, which are accurate and constitute a reliable prediction of power generation and pollutant emission from a simple, fast and easy to implement 1 processor model. Data can simply be extracted from one file or concatenated from multiple files to recreate engine operation during one cycle.


Steps to reproduce

This dataset can only be reproduced through a model for an internal combustion engine and its simulation in a computer platform. In this case the model used is 0D 2 zone with ethanol as fuel.


Universidade de Coimbra


Energy Engineering, Computer Simulation, Internal Combustion Engine