Inter-specific competition of stiff-stemmed aquatic macrophytes in different flow rates of simulated water channels

Published: 9 March 2018| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/7p3hr62bkk.2
Shiang Yuarn Chen


Because of few studies discuss whether inter-floral competition occurs in aquatic macrophytes when they experience survival adversity such as a high flow rate. By simulating a river course, previous studies have found that the flow rate can affect the speed of growth, survival, leaf area, plant height, root length, and even stem diameters of emergent plants such as Oenanthe javanica, Hygrophila pogonocalyx, and Hygrophila salicifolia. Since plants are often mixed in a real water environment, in our study, we planted a mix of two Hygrophila species with the goal of exploring whether the response mechanism of Hygrophila to different flow rates is the same as when these species are planted alone. Meanwhile, we aimed to explore the differences and competition between different species of aquatic macrophytes when experiencing changes in flow. Furthermore, the growth speed and the soil protection effects of Hygrophila were studied in order to seek the optimal species and configuration. These data uploaded were used to compare the survival of Hygrophila at different flow rates, the growth rate of Hygrophila at different flow rates and the growth rate of Hygrophila at different flow rates.



Environmental Management, Ecological Engineering