Data for: Distributed Operation of Collaborating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Time-sensitive Oil Spill Mapping

Published: 26 February 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7p6kvr2t2j.1
Souma Chowdhury, Zachary Ball, Philip Odonkor


This repository contains data extracted from the oil spill images used in this manuscript. In all, there are ten image folders, one for each oil spill image. The extracted data is captured in the LAB color space (see, accounting for three sub-folders within each image folder. Each image subfolder represents a LAB color space channel, of which there are three. One channel represents Luminance (lightness) (labeled ‘L’) while the other two (labeled ‘a’ and ‘b’), represent color channels. Each channel is a MATLAB mat file of size 1000 x 1000, based on the 1 km^2 scaling used for each image.



Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Space Vehicle), Oil Spill, Swarm Intelligence Algorithm