Data Annex to Thermal history of lithosphere formed beneath fast spreading ridges: Constraints from the Mantle Transition Zone of the East Pacific Rise at Hess Deep and Oman Drilling Project, Wadi Zeeb, Samail ophiolite

Published: 29 December 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/7rbj8x89th.3


The data archive included in this repository is a single table file containing major and trace element data collected by electron microprobe and laser ablation inductively coupled mass spectrometric analysis of gabbros and peridotites from the East Pacific Rise at Hess Deep, and the Samail ophiolite, Oman. The samples were collected by IODP Expedition 345 and ODP Leg 147, and the CM1 and CM2 drillsites of the Oman Drilling Project, at Wadi Zeeb, Wadi Tayin Massif. The data archive also includes replicate analysis trace element data for reference material BCR-2G. The data included in this repository were used to calculate temperatures and cooling rates of rocks in the lower crust and upper mantle using relevant geothermometers and geospeedometers. The file contains tabs which are ordered by mineral name with major elements, followed by separate tabs for trace elements in clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene and plagioclase. Sample names follow an Expedition/Leg_Hole_CoreNumberCoreSegment_Interval naming scheme, with samples beginning in 345 cored/collected during IODP Expedition 345, samples beginning in 147 cored/collected during ODP Leg 147, and samples beginning with 5057 cored during Phase 2 of the Oman Drilling Project, ICDP Expedition 5057.



University of Tennessee Knoxville


Geochemistry, Geological Oceanography, Mid-Ocean Ridge, Oman