Philaenus spumarius and other spittlebugs in Trentino. Italy

Published: 21 September 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/7rv4czkykr.2


This dataset is associated with the article "Occupancy and detection of agricultural threats: the case of Philaenus spumarius, European vector of Xylella fastidiosa" by the same authors published in JOURNAL 2021 . The data about Philaenus spumarius and other co-occurring species were collected in Trentino, Italy, during the spring and summer 2018 in olive orchards and vineyards. Here are provided the raw data, some preprocessed data and the R codes that we used for the analysis presented in the publication. Please refer to the above mentioned article for more details. List of files: samplings.xlsx original dataset of field sampling (Sheet: survey), site coordinates and info (sheet: info site) and metadata (sheet: legenda) counts_per_site.csv occupancy abundance dataframe for p. spumarius philaenus_occupancy_data.csv occupancy presence dataframe for p. spumarius sites.cov.csv site covariates for occupancy model observation.cov.csv observation covariates for occupancy mode commented code and data in R format to run occupancy models for P. Spumarius


Steps to reproduce

We provided the code to reproduce the occupancy models in R.


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