py-fmas: A python package for ultrashort optical pulse propagation in terms of forward models for the analytic signal

Published: 10 January 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7s2cv9kjfs.1


We present a flexible, open-source Python package for the accurate simulation of the z-propagation dynamics of ultrashort optical pulses in nonlinear waveguides, especially valid for few-cycle pulses and their interaction. The simulation approach is based on unidirectional propagation equations for the analytic signal. The provided software allows to account for dispersion, attenuation, four-wave mixing processes including, e.g., third-harmonic generation, and features various models for the Raman response. The propagation equations are solved on a periodic temporal domain. For z-propagation, a selection of pseudospectral methods is available. Propagation scenarios for a custom propagation constant and initial field pulses can either be specified in terms of a HDF5 based input file format or by direct implementation using a python script. We demonstrate the functionality for a test-case for which an exact solution is available, by reproducing exemplary results documented in the scientific literature, and a complex propagation scenario involving multiple pulses.



Computational Physics, Nonlinear Pulse Propagation