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Published: 1 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7v33zp2rr4.1
angelika buczek


Thanks to the financial management exercises, we got acquainted with macroeconomic and microeconomic indicators. We used websites such as, and the university library database where we could use the data we were interested in to determine the financial policy of Tarczyński. During the exercises, we completed assessments of the food company Tarczyński and in my homework I carried out an assessment of the financial policy of ZOTT POLSKA SA. zoo In order to be able to determine the company's activities, the following indicators must be analyzed: CC - price of capital, Kd- foreign capital, Ke - Equity, Krf - risk-free rate, Leveta (risk ratio), NOPAT - operating profit after tax, EVA - economic value added, D-capital, E-supplementary capital, d-relation to supplementary capital, D to supplementary capital, ROA - operating profitability of assets, ROE - net profit to equity. Liquidity ratios, such as WBP (Inventories + receivables + cash) / Short-term liability), WPP (Current assets - short-term inventory / liabilities), CCT (Current assets - receivables / short-term liabilities).