Internet of Things for Learning Supply Chain Management

Published: 5 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7vcnx338dv.1


The study "Internet of Things for Learning Supply Chain Management" aims to introduce the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in learning supply chain management. This research may utilize the following research methods to validate instruments, media, and learning materials: 1. Research Instruments for Validating Media and Learning Materials: - Questionnaires: Possible use of questionnaires to measure participants' perceptions and satisfaction with the media and learning materials presented through the IoT platform. - Observation: Direct observation of participants' interactions with learning media can provide additional insight into its effectiveness. - Interviews: Interviews with participants to gain a deeper understanding of their experiences using learning media and materials. 2. Learning Media Validation Results: - Usability Evaluation: Based on questionnaires or observations, research may obtain results regarding the ease of use of IoT learning media. - Satisfaction Level: Assess the participant's level of satisfaction with the experience of using IoT learning media. 3. Learning Material Validation Results: - Concept Understanding: Through questionnaires or exams, research can evaluate participants' understanding of learning material delivered via the IoT platform. - Knowledge Increase: Measures the increase in participants' knowledge before and after using learning materials. 4. Learning Platform Validation Results: - Platform Performance: Evaluate the technical performance of the IoT platform to ensure adequate availability and reliability. - Security: Ensure that the platform is safe to use and protects personal data and other sensitive information. - Availability and Accessibility: Assess the availability of the platform and ease of access for learning participants.



Supply Chain Management, Supplier Management, IoT Application