Data for: Optimum performance of axially compressed concrete columns with multi-spiral reinforcement

Published: 30 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7vpfd743t2.1


Results of Finite Element Analysis of multi-spiral reinforced columns. Contains 552 data points of all combinations of 5S4 type of reinforcement below 3% amount of steel. The diameters of the reinforcing bars corresponded to the imperial rebar scale from #3 (approx D10) to #7 (approx D22), the outer diameter of the small spiral ranged from 120~mm to 260~mm with 10~mm step, and three different values of the spiral pitch, 55~mm, 75~mm, and 95~mm were investigated. Table data contain reached peak stress and strain at peak stress in a uniaxial compression loading. The reinforcement combinations are sorted using clyster analysis to the groups based on the similarities in both, reinforcement and perfrmance.


Steps to reproduce

Tha detailed description for FEA data preparations is presented e.g. in Havlasek, P., Leps, M., and Bittnar, Z. (2021). Optimum design of axially compressed concrete columns with multi-spiral reinforcement. AIP Conference Proceedings, 2322(1):020002. The mendeley.ods or mendeley.csv contain all necessery output data. Figures were produced in Matlab, however, matlab files are not included.


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Civil Engineering, Modeling in Materials Science