TrackEtching - A Java based code for etched track profile calculations in SSNTDs

Published: 12 May 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7wb6pvpbgh.1


A java code incorporating a user friendly GUI has been developed to calculate the parameters of chemically etched track profiles of ion-irradiated solid state nuclear track detectors. Huygen’s construction of wavefronts based on secondary wavelets has been used to numerically calculate the etched track profile as a function of the etching time. Provision for normal incidence and oblique incidence on the detector surface have been incorporated. Results in typical cases are presented and compared with experimental data. Different expressions for the variation of track etch rate as a function of the ion energy have been utilized. The best set of values of the parameters in the expressions can be obtained by comparing with available experimental data. Critical angle for track development can also be calculated using the present code.



Computational Physics