Total L-shell X-ray production cross section data of Te element by 6-30 keV electron impact

Published: 21 July 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/7whg979sh6.2


The present zip file,, includes the measured data of the absolute measurements of X-ray production cross-sections for L-shell ionization of Te element by electron impact in an energy range of 6-30 keV with a step of 1 keV, which were published in Radiation Physics and Chemistry 171 (2020) 108722 by J.L. Zhao et al. The measurements were conducted using a scanning electron microprobe with a high-resolution X-ray silicon drift detector (SDD). The measured total L-shell X-ray production cross-sections of Te were compared with the theoretical results using the distorted-wave Born approximation (DWBA) and plane-wave Born approximation with Coulomb and relativistic corrections (PWBA-C-Ex). In file, three files are included: Te-L-exp.dat, Te-L-PWBA.dat and Te-L-DWBA.dat. Te-L-exp.dat is the measured data, including incident electron energies (keV), measured data and uncertainties (barns). Te-L-PWBA.dat is the PWBA-C-Ex theoretical results, including incident electron energies (keV) and theoretical data (barns). Te-L-DWBA.dat is the DWBA theoretical results, including incident electron energies (keV), theoretical data and corresponding upper and lower limits due to the uncertainties of atomic relaxation parameters (barns).



Atomic Physics