The Inter-Relations Between Regional Security and Trade: The Case of Berbera Corridor

Published: 12 June 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7xf6dsk83c.1
Mohamed Muse


Abstract The Horn is tremendously changed since 2018 with regionalism and regional security cooperation have been growing and that features the current regional politics and trade. Therefore, the paper displays potential corridor by presenting its potential in the region as a transport corridor on maritime resources and the new developments, mainly for new routes for transportation from the Berbera corridor to the regional consumer countries while utmost importance to be given improved security system that dominates economic processes, and reduces the implications for possibilities to increase the role of regional attention to rearrange patterns relevant to the concept of regional cooperation remain momentous. Transformation of societies toward widening trade via agreements and free of movement could create more favorable integration with economic development that facilitates the interaction between the regional states but also shape the incompatible systems of market economies. The discussion is trying to articulate the security and trade perspective, business transfers could and would be one of the main factors that contribute to economic development based on the regional cooperation agreements including the Berbera corridor. Also, the study is justifying interactions and the significance of regional security and trade, how they would contribute to political order and stability. Also, to review how new direct investment from the Somaliland side could promote regional cooperation and would add value to the involving states in achieving peace, security, and prosperity. Through increased knowledge, the paper is adding more analytical information on promotion and maintenance of regional security and trade affairs where the cooperation and integration is the key driver for Berbera corridor. Furthermore, the paper through its objectives elaborates how the infrastructure improvement could facilitate smooth regional transportation and at the same time improve the basic implementation of the agreement. The topic covers the most based economic and political integration, that also associated with local security systems may have existed in different ways, but are overshadowed by the ability of external powers to move directly into the local security complex with the effect of suppressing the indigenous security dynamic, and exploring the opportunity, and to further attract foreign investment.



University of Hargeisa


Diplomacy, Security Issue, Regional Analysis