Echinococcus felidis in hippopotamus, South Africa

Published: 5 June 2017| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/7xjymk48wg.2
Antti Lavikainen,


Excel file: Measurements of Echinococcus felidis rostellar hooks. 1st sheet, protoscolex hooks from two hippopotami. 2nd sheet, adult hooks from a lion (sample identified by A. Verster in the 1960s). 3rd sheet, adult hooks from a lion, based on drawings by Ortlepp (1937). Measured from hook photographs. Measurements are in micrometers. TL = total length, AL = anterior length, PL = posterior length, TW = total width, GL = guard length, BL = blade length. Tif files (LZW compressed): Drawings of rostellar hooks of Echinococcus felidis from two hippopotami (new data) and a lion (sample identified by A. Verster in the 1960s), and re-drawings of E. felidis adult hooks from the original description by Ortlepp (1937).



South Africa, Echinococcus