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Published: 7 February 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/7xm7v6c55n.2
cathy05 liu


(1)we studied he diversity of butterflies in an agroforestry system, coniferous and broadleaved mixed forests, broadleaf forest, shrub during the months of May to September from 2016 to 2018 in the National Nature Reserve of Liupan Mountain (Ningxia, northwest China) and wanted to find the relationship between the selection of butterfly and habitat.because they are sensitive to changes in the microclimate and became a indicators about the change of we ought to protect butterfly.Frist,we statisted the number of butterflies and indicated the community composition of butterflies different habitat types, studied the diversity of butterfly in nature reserve by shannon-wiener index,Simpson index,Pielou index,Margalef index. shannon-wiener index was highest in habitat and indicated that coniferous and broadleaved mixed forests was suitable for butterfly.Second,we studied the relationship between selection of habitat and butterfly by β-diversity and venn, also found that coniferous and broadleaved mixed forests was differ most.Finally,we studied the effect of enviroment on butterfly by CCA, we selected 19 species and four enviroment factors and indicated Elevation had a significant effect on the distribution patterns of the butterfly species.



Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Natural Science Foundation


Conservation of Biodiversity