OnStove inputs and outputs

Published: 29 July 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7y943f6wf8.1
Babak Khavari,


This repository contains the techno- and socio-economic input data used in order to develop the results of the first application of OnStove for all of Africa and the outputs of this effort, as well as the datasets needed in order to replicate the study for one country using the notebook found on the official OnStove repository (https://github.com/Open-Source-Spatial-Clean-Cooking-Tool/OnStove/tree/main/example). Note that the repository does not include the geospatial datasets used in the analysis, for these please refer to the connected publication and its supplementary material. The input folder contains the techno- and socio-economic folders for all countries in the analysis. They are further divided into sub-folders for the private and social scenarios, which is in line with the two scenarios ran in for the publication. The output folder contains zipped results for all countries in the analysis for both the private and social scenarios. Each result folder contains: 1. A main plot including a) a bar-plot indicating the stove- split in the scenario, b) a map of the spatial distribution of stoves with the highest net-benefit across SSA, c) a box-plot indicating the net-benefit resulting from switching to each stove type and d) a plot showing the total costs and monetized benefits of each stove type, note that salvage costs are incorporated in the investment values (Investment costs = investment – salvage). 2. A .csv file with the summaries of the results 3. A .pkl file with the full results of the analysis, which can be explored using the OnStove python package.


Steps to reproduce

The input files are manually produced by the team behind the analysis. The output files are generated with OnStove v0.1.1, available at: https://github.com/Open-Source-Spatial-Clean-Cooking-Tool/OnStove/releases/tag/v0.1.1


Geographic Information Systems, Cost Benefit Analysis, Subsaharan Africa, Clean Fuel