Sensors and auxiliary data from a e-nose in seawater clasification

Published: 13 July 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7yb9rkggf5.1
, Alessandro Quarto


Data organized into a matrix and produced by a commercial device (VPeN of the company myHermes) relating to 8100 fields of three different types of seawater (clean, contaminated and artificial). Each reading phase is followed by a cleaning phase in ambient air (biological model of the human nose --> inhalation/exhalation). Data for 12 gas sensors (catalytic and TGS) are in columns 3 to 14. The other columns show the internal data of the sensor (the scheme of the device is available and the detail of most of them are available thanks to the information provided by the manufacturer) In particular, column 17 represents the flow of pumped water; column 22: atomization temperature; column 16: atomizing pressure



Politecnico di Bari


Sensor, Coastal Waters