Single grain kernel model results

Published: 2 March 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7ycb8r2c53.1
Mathias Poulsen


This data is from a model developed, which predicts the mass and heat transfer in a grain kernel. The model is based on the work of Fortes (1981), where four different drying conditions are tested and validated with experimental data. The data given is the moisture content and temperature in a grain kernel being dried under the four different conditions. The initial conditions, properties and geometry are as presented in Fortes (1981). M. FORTES; M. R. Okos; J. and R. BARRETT, JR; Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis of Intra-kernel Wheat Drying and Rewetting; J. agric. Engng Res. (1981) 26, 109-125



Aalborg Universitet


Agricultural Engineering