Measurement of Grain Bulk Modulus on Sandstone Samples from the Norwegian Continental Shelf

Published: 7 April 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7yhdmmpf6h.1
Xuan Qin, De-hua Han


The data include 38 sandstone samples in three fields from the Norwegian continental shelf. Grain bulk modulus is measured at the unjacketed condition. Raw strain-stress data can be found in "Strain_stress_unjacketed_38_sandstone_samples.csv". Measured grain bulk modulus (GPa) with sample porosity (V/V), density (g/cm3), air permeability (10^(-15) m^2 or micro Darcy), and formation temperature (Celcius degree) are compiled in "Grain_bulk_modulus_38_sandstone.csv". Mineralogic composition by weight is provided for 9 sandstone samples in "XRD_9_sandstone_samples.csv".


Steps to reproduce

Using raw stress-strain data can reproduce grain bulk modulus by assuming 3 times linear strain equals volumetric strain.


University of Houston


Mineralogy, Stiffness, Strain, Pore Pressure, Rock