Driving Safety Analysis Survey Using Manchester Driver Behavior Questionnaire

Published: 2 December 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/7yhycdj8bj.2
Pawan Wawage,


A popular tool for identifying and evaluating unusual driving behavior is the Driver Behavior Questionnaire (DBQ). Despite the popularity of the self-report method, the DBQ's use in underdeveloped countries like India has not been tried. The DBQ measures what are referred to as aberrant driving behaviors and is based on Reason's error theory. The foreseeability of road accidents is one of its primary intended purposes. Although several studies have explored this and shown some success, it is important to notice one aspect of DBQ reports: practically all of them have used self-reported accidents as the dependent variable. To learn more about the drivers' viewpoints on the key factors that contribute to dangerous driving behavior, a survey was conducted. The questionnaire was split into two sections, with the first collecting socio-demographic data such name, driving history, and weekly mileage. After that, participants were given a five-point Likert scale to rank the factors that contributed to risky driving, with 1 denoting strong disagreement and 5 denoting strong agreement. A total of 166 people were surveyed (Driving Safety Analysis Survey.xlsx). Harsh acceleration, hard braking, traffic violations, lack of safety awareness, incorrect driver attitude, driving experience, unintentional errors and mistakes, sluggish reaction time, uninvolved or passive co-passengers, and active or helpful co-passengers were among the variables. The survey results aided us in narrowing down the aspects that will be investigated further. Mistakes and lapses, Violations, Safety awareness, and Attitude were all considered. The factors active passenger and passive passenger were also introduced to better comprehend the role of co-passenger. Each element comprised five to six questions that the participants had to assess on a Likert scale of one to five (DBQ-Responses.xlsx).



Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology


Distracted Driving, Safety Factor, Driver Behavior, Driver Distraction