Development of parameters and modes of storage of cognac-alcohol raw materials in spent oak barrels

Published: 15 February 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7z2vsmcvwr.1
Lankaran State University, Tariel Panahov


Summary. There has been a recent shortage of fresh oak barrels in the wine industry. For this reason, enterprises are forced to use old barrels that are 20-25 years old. Because when growing cognac spirit, complex physical and biochemical processes take place, and in addition to the components of alcohol, the chemical components of oak wood are also actively involved. Therefore, to improve the quality of the finished product, it is necessary to enrich wines and cognacs with oak wood components before bottling them into barrels. Oak wood and young cognac alcohol made from Rkasiteli grapes, aged in new and old barrels with oak wood and other oak processing products, were taken as the material for the study. Studies have shown that the use of 7:8 g/dm3 composition of natural and heat-treated oak wood, taken in a ratio of 1:3, when growing cognac spirits in spent barrels, ensures the accumulation of aromatic components of oak wood in cognac spirits. within 12 months and spirits in old barrels After 3-5 years of storage, the finished product is of high quality.Key words: cognac spirit, wine, oak, wood, barrel, quality, tasting.



Wood, Food Quality, Wine, Oak, Spirits Industry