Published: 15 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/7zf3r9t53s.1
Nadezda Zikova


The dataset consits of processed data measured during four intensive campaigns at Milesovka Mtn. in Czechia using two aerosol spectrometers, APS and SMPS, being switched between PM2.5 and whole air inlet. The number size distributions of interstitial particles (GACR_I_IV_pm), activated particles (GACR_I_IV_act), and size-dependent activated fraction (GACR_I_IV_af) are provided, together with the size range (GACR_III_vel), and meteorological conditions (GACR_I_IV_meteo). From the data, also the D50 parameter and Reff (GACR_I_IV_Reff) were calculated, using fitting sigmoidal function on the activated fraction data for each 30 minutes step (GACR_xmid_all_30). Part of the data has been used in the Zíková, N., Pokorná, P., Makeš, O., Sedlák, P., Pešice, P., & Ždímal, V. (2020). Activation of atmospheric aerosols in fog and low clouds. Atmospheric Environment, 117490.


Steps to reproduce

All analyses published in the Zíková et al. (2020) paper in JGR: Atmospheres are based on the supplied datasets and R scripts that are available upon request.


Ustav chemickych procesu Akademie ved Ceske republiky


Cloud Physics, Aerosol Dynamics, Fog