Change in temperature over time on capacitive technique arrangements of CSWD.

Published: 9 July 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/7zvr9zk9g9.2
Inaihá Benincá, Daniela de Estéfani, Núbia de Avelar, Daniela Haupenthal, Paulo Silveira, Alessandro Haupenthal


We aimed to analyze which capacitive technique arrangement of continuous shortwave diathermy is the most efficient in skin temperature change. This data shows temperature change (°C), which was measured under the proximal electrode (at the center of the proximal electrode) and at the thigh center (6 cm from the proximal electrode’s edge) using an infrared thermography camera, in an one-minute interval over 25 minutes after electrodes removal on coplanar, contraplanar and longitudinal arrangement.



Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy