Dataset for Chemical Kinetics Bayesian Inference Toolbox (CKBIT)

Published: 26 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/829ph4nkny.1


The robust estimation of chemical kinetic parameters and their associated uncertainty is essential in the field of chemistry and catalysis. The Chemical Kinetics Bayesian Inference Toolbox (CKBIT) is a Python software library introduced to enable users to implement advanced Bayesian inference techniques for kinetic parameter estimation and uncertainty quantification. Leveraging functionalities of other open source Python packages and offering simplified implementation through minimal user-required coding and straightforward Excel input files, CKBIT aspires to make the inference method easily accessible for chemical kinetics. CKBIT provides maximum a posteriori, Markov chain Monte Carlo, and variational inference estimation options. Users may apply these functionalities to estimate activation energies, reaction orders, and pre-exponential terms from chemical reaction data from batch reactors, continuous stirred-tank reactors, and plug flow reactors. The availability of prior distribution specification and the implementation of hierarchical modeling in CKBIT provide a heightened level of accuracy in estimates of kinetic parameters and their uncertainties.



University of Delaware


Chemical Reaction Kinetics, Open Source Software, Parameter Estimation, Uncertainty Modeling, Bayesian Inference