Data on physico-chemical and functional analyses of mixture flours from wheat and coconut flours

Published: 12 December 2023| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/83482ry5w3.3
Stephano TAMBO,


The data deposited in this library represent the physico-chemical and functional analyses of various samples derived from wheat and coconut. Indeed, 5 samples flours were formulated from wheat and coconut flours using a mixture design. The flours formulated were intended for the production of cookies with improved nutritional and energy values to fight against malnutrition. In order to generate these data, we assumed that adding coconut flour up to a certain percentage would improve the nutritional value, physical and functional properties and applicability of wheat flour. The data generated suggest that above 20% substitution, the functional properties of the blend show that it is no longer suitable for breadmaking, although certain nutritional properties are improved. These data provide an initial indication to industrialists and small-scale producers alike of the rate of substitution of wheat flour by coconut flour, so that they can continue to benefit from the bread-making properties of wheat flour. They also offer a solution for the formulation of gluten-reduced foods. African politicians could also draw inspiration from this to develop the coconut production chain and reduce wheat imports.



University of Bamenda, Universite de Dschang Departement de Biochimie


Chemical Characterization of Food, Cereal-Based Foods, Functional Analysis