Human Kidney Proteomics

Published: 14 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/83k89shdx5.1
Daigoro Hirohama,


We collected 33 human kidney samples, gathered associated clinical, demographics information and implemented histological analysis. We performed unbiased proteomics using the SOMAscan platform and quantified the level of 1,305 proteins


Steps to reproduce

The SOMAscan platform technology and its performance characteristics have been previously described. Briefly, the assay uses slow off-rate modified DNA aptamers (SOMAmers) capable of binding to specific protein targets with high sensitivity and specificity. Protein levels are captured in relative fluorescence units. To account for variation across kidney extracts, calibrator and buffer samples were added in a 96-well plate. Quality control was performed at the sample and SOMAmer level by the manufacturer’s recommendations. The former involved the use of the hybridization controls, whereas the latter involved control SOMAmers for data normalization and calibration samples. The sample data were first normalized to remove within-run hybridization variation followed by adaptive normalization by maximum likelihood with point and variance estimates from a normal U.S. population.


University of Pennsylvania


Proteomics Experimental Approach