Published: 21 September 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/845kwsdrw7.1
Kcodgoh Edgeweblime


Priesthood is the authority and power of God given to man to act in his name. Without the priesthood nothing could be created in this world.The common priesthood is a productive resource of therapeutic importance for research in the field of individual or collective psychoanalysis through osmosis process. The priesthoods (power in priesthood and priesthood authority) are the sole productive factors in the therapeutic restoration and sanctification of people genetically modified like Africans under colonization shock or countries of violent war under stress. In this case I generated a high quality statistics on the two kinds of priesthood on the basis of two principles : The preordination or predestination and the eternal progression of man. All priesthood authority (natural resources) in a country given to its people before the creation of the world (preordination) is the primary priesthood authority and all power in priesthood (produced resources) generated on the basis of eternal progression is the primary power in priesthood. These two kinds of primary priesthoods’ resources are distributed proportionally to secondary priesthoods’ resources which are obtained from the Church of JESUS-CHRIST of Latter-day Saints only, through gospel dispensations’ sequencing. The priesthood authority holders in the ward, stake or in a dispensation (the whole Church) are limited but power in priesthood to heal people through osmosis therapy is not limited but obtained under laboratory conditions. After general optimization, I used the statistics of keys in priesthood to filter and remove redundant priesthood in the whole current Church (international or inter-organiszational trade) and in the whole future Church (intergenerational trade). Our data offer a high quality pipeline for compiling key-tools for dealing with individual or group osmosis therapy.Our data also provide a robust reference for social diseases never published. expression studies in the fields listed or other related sciences. In this article, I provide the very first published measures of primary and secondary priesthood authority and power in priesthood. These data provide an important reference to enhance our undestanding of therapeutic osmosis processes to healing handreds of millions of individuals under a cultural shock or violent war countries under stress, especially the peoples that have lost their authentic state and are suffering several psychological diseases in states 2 or 3. Exploring by the means of Agent-based modeling (ABM) the cases of, but not only (Data Analysis like Principal component Analysis, PCA, Factorial Correspondences Analysis, FCA…): - Vertical or intergenerational multidimensional trade through the principle “we won’t be perfect without our deads and our deads shall not be perfect without us; - Horizontal or international or inter-organizational multidimensional trade on the basis of the principle of the equality of the Law of consecration


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Data The total number of observations is 3,689. The country groupings were chosen because each group had similar intra-group production technologies. Intra-OECD or intra-developing country trade is considered international trade. Trade between the two groups is regarded as intergenerational trade. This is because the developing countries have the characteristics of developed countries from 100, 200, or more, years ago. All data are collated from the World Development Indicators (WDI).In our framework, international trade exclusively concerns trade between countries with a similar level of development. Hence, Xi(t), which represents the stock of external effects of natural and unnatural resources, defined by the interaction between the natural and unnatural resources, and unnatural resources and the current physical capital, is captured when developed and undeveloped countries are mixed in the same sample. aij, which determines a country’s potential to adopt existing technologies, is also highlighted by the same regression. Links between sustainable growth and the couple «growth and volatility» are estimated periodically in order to measure the policies’ impact on the couple «growth and volatility». Two kinds of coefficients presented in the following matrix are calculated: - Links between cross-country externalities’ trade and the couple «growth and volatility» - Links between cross-generation externalities’ trade and the couple «growth and volatility» These links are estimated periodically in order to measure the policies’ impact on the couple «growth and volatility» Experimental Design, Materials, and Methods 2.1- Evidence of over-optimal multidimensional trade and links between growth and volatility Multidimensional trade is balanced by the capability of a country and a generation to adopt technology [(Wij(t)+W’ij(t) (Xj(t)+X’j(t))]. This generates positive scale effects on model one’s growth, but negative effects on models two and three (see Tables 1 and 2). In the first case, multidimensional trade is horizontal and constructive, otherwise it would be vertical and destructive. If we ignore the negative scale effects of models two and three, we can argue that the exchange of intergenerational and international goods for technology increases each generation’s and country’s total factor efficiency and satisfaction during each period (an optimal state, with the intergenerational and international leveling out of the price of goods and factors). However, at the same time, we observe a negative association when exchanging natural resources for unnatural resources through Lnx Ln(.)


Health Sciences, Computer Modeling in Social Science, Natural Environment