Network analysis dataset of System Dynamics models

Published: 18-04-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/84jw497rwp.1
Gergely Honti,
Gyula Dörgő,
Janos Abonyi


A tool has been developed for the analysis of networks extracted from system dynamics models. The models developed in Vensim, Stella, and InsightMaker are converted into networks of state-variables, flows, and parameters by the developed Python program that also performs model reduction, modularity analysis and calculates the structural properties of the models and its main variables. The dataset covers the results of the analysis of nine models in sustainability science used for policy testing, prediction and simulation.


Steps to reproduce

##update your current python packages and install these: -networkx -pysd ##run the program with the predefined data: -python ##to add other model: -edit the configuration file or add as external model. ##To use with a single model: - import the model parser ``` import networkx as nx import model_analyzer M = model_analyzer.model_parser.parse(model_src) M.exclude_elements(config.model_exception_list) M.finalize() ``` ###get the statistics of the model ``` stat = M.get_measures_v2(include_descriptors=True) ``` ###get the graphs ``` nx.write_gexf(M.export_nx_quick(), config.dir_graph + + '_FN.gexf') nx.write_gexf(M.RG, config.dir_graph + + '_SS.gexf') nx.write_gexf(M.CM, config.dir_graph + + '_CM.gexf') ```