Data on the Properties of a Superhydrophobic Siloxane Reinforced by Graphene Nanoplatelets

Published: 17 March 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/84kfpcc2pc.1
Li He, Dongfang Wang, Guoping Zhang


The complete datasets are presents on the properties of a superhydrophobic siloxane reinforced by graphene nanoplatelets under different processing conditions described in He et al. (2023) Materials & Design, which shows part or selected data. These were collected via an array of instruments used by different characterization techniques, including the unconfined compression testing, mercury intrusion porosimetry, and nanoindentation. While simple processing such as conversion of the sensors’ analogue to digital readings to the physical properties was performed to obtain the stress-strain data, statistical averaging of multiple curves used to yield the nanoindentation results. These data therefore provide the stress-strain-strength behavior, microstructure such as pore size distribution and porosity, and the indentation load-depth as well as hardness and elastic modulus of the graphene nanoplatelet-reinforced superhydrophobic siloxanes. The examined different processing conditions consisted of varying temperature by heating, ultrasonication, and viscosity. These data can be used as reference and baseline for other superhydrophobic materials as well as porous media.



Materials Science, Materials Processing