The island-arc magma production rate varying along with convergence rate and subduction dip angle

Published: 14 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/84rp8t254b.1
Yongliang Bai


In this study, a numerical model was developed to examine the variations in island-arc MPR due to changes in convergence rates and slab dip angles. This model accounts for multiple processes, such as slab penetration, mantle convection, slab dehydration, mantle wedge hydration and melting, as well as melting extraction. The temporal variations of island-arc MPR were examined while varying the convergence rate between 2 cm/yr and 10 cm/yr, and the slab dip angle ranging from 30° to 60°. The findings indicate the following trends: (1) As the convergence rate increases, both the mean and peak MPRs show an increase. (2) When the slab dip angle increases from 30° to 45°, both the mean and peak MPRs also increase. However, when the slab dip angle continues to increase from 45° to 60°, the mean and peak MPRs decrease. (3) The influence of dip angle on MPR is negligible compared to the impact of convergence rate on MPR.



Geophysics, Magma Generation, Subduction Zone, Numerical Modeling