MIS 5e September sea-ice concentrations and summer SST anomalies (relative to the preindustrial) from HadGEM3 and HadCM3 model simulations

Published: 13 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/84v5y732hd.1


MIS 5e September sea-ice concentrations (SIC) and summer (JFM) SST anomalies, relative to the pre-industrial from the HadGEM3 and HadCM3 climate models were compared to proxy data to investigate how well state of the art model simulations match SIC and SST observations during past periods of warmer-than-present climate. The importance of including Heinrich 11 (H11) meltwater forcing was tested by incorporating different durations of North Atlantic freshwater hosing into the model runs. This dataset includes the netCDF files with the September SICs and summer SST anomalies for four model runs. The LIG run includes no H11 meltwater forcing. The three H11 runs include H11 meltwater forcing for either 250 or 1600 years and presents an average of the last 100 years of each simulation. Full details on the model set-up and parameters are available in Guarino et al. (2023, accepted) for the HadGEM3 simulations and Holloway et al. (2018) for the HadCM3 simulations.



University of Southampton School of Ocean and Earth Science, British Antarctic Survey


Sea Ice Dynamics, Oceanographic Modeling, Paleoceanography, Sea Surface Temperature, Marine Isotope Stage


Natural Environment Research Council


Natural Environment Research Council


Horizon 2020