GeoTaichi: A Taichi-powered high-performance numerical simulator for multiscale geophysical problems

Published: 7 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/858bmcf7j6.1


This study introduces GeoTaichi, an open-source high-performance numerical simulator designed for addressing multiscale geophysical problems. By leveraging the power of the Taichi parallel language, GeoTaichi maximizes the utilization of modern computer resources on multicore CPU and GPU architectures. It offers robust and reliable modules for the discrete element method (DEM), material point method (MPM), and coupled material point-discrete element method (MPDEM). These modules enable efficient solving of large-scale problems while being implemented in pure Python. The design philosophy of GeoTaichi focuses on creating a framework that is readable, extensible, and user-friendly. This paper highlights the coupling procedure of MPDEM, the code structures, and the most important features of GeoTaichi. Rigorous benchmark tests have been conducted to verify the validity and robustness of GeoTaichi. Additionally, the performance of GeoTaichi is compared with similar software tools in the field, underscoring a notable improvement in both computational efficiency and memory savings when compared to existing alternatives.



Computational Physics, High Performance Computing, Discrete Element Method, Material Point Method