Mexican craft beer consumers preferred attributes: A conjoint analysis approach

Published: 6 October 2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/8665r7htp4.3
Ismael Castillo-Ortiz


The data set contains a sample of 501 responses of craft beer consumer participants located in México, responding to the research question: Which of the following Mexican craft beers would you choose to consume regularly? Using a brand-specific conjoint analysis as a methodology, technically known as choice-based alternative-specific/labeled conjoint design. The aim of this data set is: Describe the craft beer quantitatively preferred consumer attributes in Mexico, to help guide decisions about new product creation, marketing, advertising, and promotion strategies to increase sales of craft beer producing houses. The questionnaire was applied face to face and by email list, using a mobile and desktop device technology conjoint software. Data set contains Craft Beer Color Style, Aroma Intensity, Alcoholic Strength, Bitterness Intensity, Foam Level, Willingness to Pay, Score, Rank, the Lower Limit of 90% Confidence Interval, the Upper Limit of 90% Confidence Interval.



Universidad Anahuac Mexico


Conjoint Analysis, Mexico, Beer