Data for: Cleaving of Polymer Optical Fiber by 193nm Excimer Laser

Published: 17-01-2020| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/86jvgh5ytw.3
Libing YOU,
Le Luo,
Xianfeng Luo,
Xiaodong Fang


Fig.1(a) shows the new liner cutting beam shaping system, Fig.1(b) shows the liner cutting beam works on the photographic paper and we can see the energy distribution of laser beam. A CCD camera from NAVITAR allows in situ monitoring of the whole process. Fig. 1(c) shows the CCD image of fiber with a very flat incision when it was cut off. Fig.2(a) shows the image that the fiber was cut off by a 180×40 um beam, Fig.2(b)(c) show the damage which were injured by laser. Fig.3 shows the time required for the pulse intensity when the fibers were full cleaved. Fig.4 show the microscope images of fibers’end-face by using 9 groups of pulse intensity. Fig. 5. show the microscope images of different repetition .