Experimental measurements on the behaviour of reinforced NAC,RAC and HVFAC beams under sustained loads

Published: 7 November 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/86mvvjr65h.1
Nikola Tošić,
Snežana Marinković,
Ivan Ignjatović,
Jelena Dragas,
Vedran Carevic


This dataset contains all experimental measurements within the scope of my PhD thesis 'Behaviour of reinforced concrete beams made with recycled and waste materials under long-term loading' carried out at the University of Belgrade's Faculty of Civil Engineering. The dataset includes measurements of physical-mechanical properties of concrete (density, compressive strength, tensile strength, modulus of elasticity), shrinkage and creep of concrete specimens as well as measurements on reinforced concrete beams (deflections and strains).



Univerzitet u Beogradu Gradevinski fakultet


Concrete (Composite Building Material), Concrete Type, Reinforced Concrete, Properties of Concrete