Published: 08-01-2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/872xk9npmz.1


This dataset is entitled MedjoolDates, which is an images dataset with different sizes and maturity levels of Medjool palm date fruit. Researchers may use this data to develop a model to automatic location, recognition, classification and visual counting of the Medjool date on trays taking into account their visual characteristics such as shape, color, size, and texture. This dataset was collected from the first round harvest of the Medjool dates variety, at the Palmeras RQ Ranch in Mexicali, Mexico. Image acquisition was performed in natural light. Dataset its contain 5052 datas, distributed as follows: 2576 digital images photos of witch 1002 images of ripe dates in trays, 1002 images of unripe dates in trays, 472 images of ripe and unripe dates and 100 images for test. 2476 images are annotated with the dates fruits that they contain. The annotations are in YOLO and PascalVOC format. One hundred images without annotations.