Usage of Museum Object Collection Section at University Libraries in Uganda

Published: 3 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/873j3sgbnt.1
Bonniface Agungi,


The study established the Usage of Museum object collection in Universities with the following specific objectives, to find out the current museums object collection; to find out the relevance of museum object collection; to find out Challenges facing museum object collection section and to establish possible solutions to challenges facing museum object collection section at Universities. The researcher adopted survey research design and collected data using questionnaires, interview and observation checklist as the tools for data collection from the sampled respondents. The data collected was coded, analyzed using SPSS and presented using figures, tables and descriptively. The findings revealed that, old currencies, bones, middle age church treasuries, and traditional tools used in the ancient days as the most common museum collection. The finding also revealed that the existence of the museum facilitates research, enhances teaching and learning, helps in the preservation of cultural heritage and facilitates scientific research by giving basis on the existence of the disease as well as acting as a marketing tool for Universities. The challenges faced include poor funding lack of dedicated personnel, expensive objects, limited space for museum collection and poor storage facilities was represented, limited support from administration in running the museum section, poor marketing, lack of museum collection policy and dust infestation. Solution to the challenges included provision of adequate space for the museum collection, lobbying for funds, training of library staff; museum marketing to community and budgeting and provision of security for the collection. The research recommends lobby for funds by writing projects that shall help to improve the Museum since the museum is attached to the library, recruit some more qualified staff to support the current staff who in most cases are overwhelmed with the number of users and the operation schedule; enhancing the capacity of the library staff to manage the museum section and provision of security cameras to help reduce the issues of loss of museum objects and theft.



Muni University


Library and Information Science, Academic Librarianship, Museum Management