Data set from a 3D benchmark simulation of delamination in a layered composite component under fatigue loading

Published: 25 March 2019| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/87r49xbrp3.3
Laura Carreras, Albert Turon, Brian Lau Verndal Bak, Esben Lindgaard, Jordi Renart, Federico Martin de la Escalera, Yasser Essa


This data repository provides the processed data obtained from the benchmark simulation using the method presented in the article entitled "A simulation method for fatigue-driven delamination in layered structures involving non-negligible fracture process zones and arbitrarily shaped crack fronts" by the same authors. The method is based on a cohesive zone model approach and a Paris' law-based expression describing the crack growth rate. The capabilities of the method are evaluated by comparison of the results obtained from a benchmark test on a partially reinforced double cantilever beam (DCB) specimen with varying crack growth rate and front shape. The experimental work is presented in the article entitled "A benchmark test for validating 3D simulation methods for delamination growth under quasi-static and fatigue loading". Experimental data is provided in the Mendeley data set entitled "Experimental data set from a benchmark test of delamination growth with varying crack growth rate and crack front shape under quasi-static and fatigue loading". This data set only contains the simulation results. The test configuration, the methodology and the data processing are addressed in the related articles.



Finite Element Modeling, Delamination, Fatigue Crack Growth, Cohesive Zone Model