Data for: Parent-offspring conflict over mate choice: An experimental study in China

Published: 3 May 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/87sccr2n7g.1
Jeanne Bovet, Charlotte Wang, Weiwei Ren, Eva Raiber, Paul Seabright


Results of the hypothetical profiles experiment. The outcome variable is "choose_beauty": 1 if the participant chose the attractive face, -1 if the participant chose the unattractive face, 0 if the participant was indifferent. Other variables: "tclass_income": Tradeoff (Experimental condition) (0=none; 1=small; 2=medium; 3=large) "search_who": Group (Someoneelse=Parents; Yourself=Offspring) "search_female": Sex of focus (0=Male; 1=Female) "relation": Relation of the participant to the focus "profile_picture": Picture used in the experiment "age_focus": Age of the focus individual "age_participant": Age of the participent when not focus (Parent sample) "income_regroup_focus": Income group of the focus "education_focus": Education group of the focus "siblings_focus" "nevermarried": 1 if the focus has never been married "look": Attractiveness of the focus (0=low; 1=high) "siblings": Number of siblings of the focus



Evolutionary Biology, Evolutionary Psychology