Energy and/or power sector projects in sub-Saharan Africa financed through the World Bank from 1947 to 2020

Published: 17 December 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/87w46mkrhr.1
Hemen Mark Butu


The data presented here was obtained from the World Bank official website. It shows data from 1947 to July 2020. The data available in this dataset shows: Project ID, Region/Continent, Country, Lending Stream, Project Status, Project Name, Approval Date, Month Approved Project, Closing Date, IBRD Commitment Amount, IDA Commitment Amount, Total Project Amount, Grant Amount, Borrower, Implementing Agency and Project URL Limitations: The data usually shows a lump sum of funds for combined projects that are not entirely for power or energy development. It is cumbersome to calculate the amount spent on energy and power for such projects. However, this component breakdown can be found by following the project URL to it's landing page where the component for energy or power will be stated as a percentage. This data was obtained using a python code that web scrapped the World Bank projects page. It might have some errors so caution when use is advised.


Steps to reproduce

This data can be reproduced in two simple steps. 1. Write a python code to scrape the World Bank project site as desired and parse into a simple text file. In the case of this dataset, it was for projects in sub-Saharan Africa financed through the World Bank in the energy and/or power sectors. 2. Write a second code to scrape information from each URL scrapped as required into an excel sheet or a program of your choosing.


Kyungpook National University


Finance, Development Studies, Energy and Climate Change, Energy Audit