Literary Review Writings

Published: 8 April 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/889h6dpv57.1
Yunfeng YE


This dataset contains the researcher's annotation of thirty pieces of literary review writing assignments collected from six Chinese English-major undergraduates in a flagship Chinese university. The raw literary reviews are parts of the six students' coursework for their literary courses during their undergraduate period. The current study is concerned with the incorporation of multi-faceted external voices in Chinese English-major undergraduates’ literary review writing and writer stance from an engagement perspective. Potential longitudinal changes of their citation competence reflected in their writing samples were also detected. The data shows the student writers' use of three citation-related engagement sub-categories, namely acknowledge, endorse, and distance resources in their literary review assignments, as a reflection of their citation competence and authorial voice.


Steps to reproduce

5 essays were collected from each participant in total, respectively from one literature course in each of the previous 5 semesters between their sophomore year and the first half of their senior year. These essays from different semesters permitted longitudinal observation. The researcher drew on the Engagement sub-genre of English Appraisal System developed by Martin and White (2005) within Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) and adapted the original framework according to the research aims. The researcher annotated independently the literary review samples with UAM Corpus Tool 6 developed and updated by Systemic Functional linguist Mick O’Donnell. The annotation was subsequently checked by an expert in SFL.


Sun Yat-Sen University


Applied Linguistics, English for Academic Purposes, Academic Writing, Undergraduate Teaching