GPS displacement time-series and the GPS-derived hydrological mass variations in the Himachal region of NW Himalaya from a newly established permanent GNSS network

Published: 13 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/88g6yh37xx.1


This dataset contains the Research Data related to the original research article, "Evidence of Transient and Tectonic Deformation in the Himachal region of NW Himalaya from continuous GPS measurements and their Hazard Implications", submitted to Tectonophysics for publication. Dataset 1: contains the GPS-derived average TWS variation time-series for the three geologically relevant subregions of Himachal Himalaya, i.e., Kangra Re-entrant, Nahan Salient and Higher Elevations in the vicinity of locking transition zone. Dataset 2: contains the GPS displacement time-series in both ITRF 2014 and India-fixed reference frames, of all the established sites in this study in the Himachal region of NW Himalaya.


Steps to reproduce

The raw rinex files obtained from the GNSS sites were processed along with the rinex files of 21 surrounding IGS Stations using GAMIT v10.71 and GLOBK software to arrive at the displacement time-series being reported in this dataset. The methodology to reproduce the hydrological mass variations from the GPS time-series data is discussed in detail in the associated original research article mentioned in the data description.


Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, National Geophysical Research Institute CSIR


Tectonics, Global Positioning System, Elastic Deformation, Tectonophysics, Space Geodesy


Ministry of Education, India


Ministry of Earth Sciences