Survey Data on Energy and Fuel Use of Firms in Economic Zones in the Philippines

Published: 29 November 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/88t45xbn59.2


The data describe the firm’s characteristics, production operations, utilities, and fuels used in the production of 115 manufacturing and agro-industrial locators in Philippine special economic zones. The data include information on sales and schedules; electricity sources, requirements, and uses; the importance of various conventional fuels, the firms’ consumption expenditure in their major production processes. The data also includes their employee’s aptitude and knowledge on alternative fuels and primary energies, their considerations and opinions on alternative fuels and primary energies, and experiences in using them.


Steps to reproduce

For data analysis and interpretation, see related article Ravago, Majah-Leah; Fabella, Raul; Jandoc, Karl Robert; Frias, Renzi; Magadia, J. Kathleen, “Gauging the Market Potential for Natural Gas among Philippine Manufacturing Firms”, Energy, 237, 121563, doi: 10.1016/


Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, Energy Economics