SWANLOP: Scattering waves off nonlocal optical potentials in the presence of Coulomb interactions

Published: 15 October 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/89gw9jdfv4.1


We introduce the package SWANLOP to calculate scattering waves and corresponding observables for nucleon elastic collisions off spin-zero nuclei. The code is capable of handling local and nonlocal optical potentials superposed to long-range Coulomb interaction. Solutions to the implied Schrödinger integro-differential equation are obtained by solving an integral equation of Lippmann–Schwinger type for the scattering wavefunctions, ψ = ϕ_C + G_C U_S ψ, providing and exact treatment to the Coulomb force Arellano and Blanchon (2019). The package has been developed to handle potentials either in momentum or coordinate representations, providing flexible options under each of them. The code is fully self-contained, being dimensioned to handle any A >= 4 target for nucleon beam energies of up to 1.1 GeV. Accuracy and benchmark applications are presented and discussed.



Scattering, Computational Physics