Stochastic Service Network Design with Short-Term Schedule Modifications

Published: 19 July 2021| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/89rgpstk8d.3
Jan Philipp Müller


Instance data for the stochastic service network design with short-term schedule modifications according to paper The tables "fixed_costs", "variable_costs", "capacities" and "service_lengths" define the respective parameters from a given geographical terminal (column "terminal") to another terminal (columns "terminal_index"). The value "-1" indicates non-defined data. The instances based on Wang et al (2019) refer to: Wang, X., Crainic, T.G. and Wallace, S.W. (2019): Stochastic Network Design for Planning Scheduled Transportation Services : The Value of Deterministic Solutions. INFORMS Journal on Computing, 31(1), pp.153–170. The original instances are slightly modified in order to use them for the stochastic service network design with schedule modifications.



Aarhus Universitet, Technische Universitat Darmstadt


Network Design, Stochastic Optimization, Combinatorial Optimization, Mixed Integer Programming, Intermodal Freight Transport