Mobile PM and NO2 data collected by mobile sensors on postal vans in Antwerp, Belgium

Published: 24 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/89vgprbzv3.1
Jelle Hofman,


The data includes mobile air quality data (PM1, PM2.5, PM10 and NO2) opportunistically collected in Antwerp, Belgium, by mobile sensors (Kunak Mobile, Kunak Technologies) on postal vans (BelAir project. The dataset was collected between January and September, 2021, and includes the following fields: Device ID ("Dev"), datetime ("date"), Latitude ("Lat"), Longitude ("Lon"), driving speed ("Speed"), NO2 concentration in ppb ("NO2_ppb"), PM1 concentration ("PM1"), PM2.5 concentration ("PM2.5"), PM10 concentration ("PM10"), temperature ("Temp"), relative humidity ("Hum"), NO2 concentration in µg/m³ ("NO2"), moving/stationary status ("Moving")


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The presented dataset is collected by 20 sensor systems (Kunak® Air Mobile , Kunak Technologies SL, Spain) , amongst others containing an electrochemical gas sensor for NO2 (NO2-B43F, Alphasense) and optical particle counter for PM (OPC-N3, Alphasense). The sensor systems are factory-calibrated and contain property algorithms to compensate for environmental influences. They were co-located and calibrated in advance (Jan-Feb, 2021) next to a regulatory urban background monitoring station (R817). After calibration, 17 sensors were deployed on the roof of postal vans (ID's IMEC1-IMEC17), while 3 sensors (ID's IMEC18-IMEC20) remained co-located next to the regulatory station to monitor the sensor performance over time. The mobile data is subsequently used to evaluate the spatiotemporal coverage and representativity of the measurements in order to derive NO2 exposure maps for the city of Antwerp. The entire calibration procedure and data post-processing procedure is described in detail in the "Opportunistic Mobile Air Quality Mapping using Sensors on Postal Service Vehicles: From Point Clouds to Actionable Insights", recently (April, 2023) submitted to Environment International. Kunak_Jan_Sept.csv contains all data collected by the mobile sensors. Kunak_Jan_Sept_sel_cleaned.csv contains the data after data cleaning (na omit for non-complete data rows, removing measurements [<-50] for NO2 and [<0] for PM1, PM2.5 and PM10) and spatial selection for a study area (city center) with bounding box (canvas bounds using Lat Long Tools in QGIS) with Min/Max Latitude and Longitude [4.36547837-4.46162370] and [51.18517117-51.24453950].


Interuniversitair Micro-Elektronica Centrum


Environmental Monitoring, Atmospheric Aerosols, Internet of Things, Nitrogen Dioxide, Urban Air Quality, Smart City, Application of Sensors, Exposure Assessment, Electrochemical Sensor