Sensoriality and consciousness on food experience: an intervention study.

Published: 25 November 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8b29ftftz7.1
Carina Carlucci Palazzo


This is a randomized controlled trial. We developed a food and nutrition education program aiming to promote food consciousness. Our hypothesis is that promoting the perception and meaning of body senses triggered by bodily and environmental stimuli in different contexts of contemporary food scenarios can strengthen internal mechanisms and make individuals less vulnerable to food consumption stimuli. We assessed adult women in two moments: before (1) and after (2) the intervention - group 1 (intervention group) or before (1) and after (2) a waiting period - group 2 (control group). We assessed: Interoceptive sensitivity; Expression of exteroception (Descriptive text production after eating food); Score on TFEQ questionnaire and Score on IE-2 questionnaire.



Universidade de Sao Paulo


Nutrition, Consciousness