Published: 09-06-2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/8b6nw2xxhn.1
Courtney Gallen,
Kevin Mann


Alignment of anatomical data, template brain, and atlas ROIs ( 1- Template and atlas from Virtual Fly Brain project: /Original_atlas_template 2- Mean brain and the template/atlas warped to it: /Meanbrain_aligned 3- Live brain and the meanbrain/atlas warped to it: /livebrain_aligned Functional and atlas data to extract ROI time series ( 1- File of atlas ROIs: /vfb_nn/vfb_nn_Original.nii.gz 2- Functional imaging data: /functional/brain03gc6m.nii.gz Sample 'video' of motion-corrected raw data (


Steps to reproduce

Alignment: See readme in ROI time series: ROI time series can be created with code from the github repository in Related links